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    Thanks for coming to our birthday party!

This month’s THUNK marks 26 years of The Union. And we have plenty to celebrate.

From TV to TikTok, we take a throwback to the last quarter-century-and-a-bit’s exciting technological unfolding.

Plus, in our goodie bag: take a peek at International Women’s Day inspired campaigns and must-reads, stand with Ukraine’s creativity champions, and grab a slice
of Netflix’s funnel.

Tune in below.

  26 years digital  
  Digital Account Manager, Alicia Carroll, shared her 26th birthday with The Union this month. Now, she unwraps her insights on the evolving world of TV and the tech that’s spanned her and The Union’s lifetime. From waiting on tenterhooks for our favourite weekly show to be aired to on-demand content streamed to our devices whenever we wish. It’s been a wild ride. But she shows us how TV, social media and marketing are still interacting in weird and wonderful ways.  
Emily recommends
  “After realising recently that I could barely think of any books about advertising that weren’t written by white men, I’ve been doing some digging to try and find some useful resources from some different viewpoints. This list, put together by @VikkiRossWrites on Twitter, seems like a good place to start. (And if you know any others, please pass them on!)”

Emily Willing, Art Director
  +Vikki Ross Writes+  
  Our thunking  
Netflix and bills
  Netflix and bills
  Why do the 20% who watch Netflix but don’t pay for it need to watch out? The answer can be found in funnels.  
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Creatives for Ukraine
  Creatives for Ukraine
  This open platform invites creatives from around the world to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine by calling on their greatest weapon – creativity.  
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This bot means (equal) business
  This bot means (equal) business
  Hear from the parents of the Twitter bot who made companies think twice about celebrating their International Women’s Day platitudes by hitting them with cold, hard pay data.  
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Winning wars with words
  Winning wars with words
  Very Good Copy’s micro-interview with Kate Mas, Head of Copywriting at Preply, gives us a very real insight into life for Ukraine-based marketing professionals right now. 
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