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    From high jumps to pay gaps, this month's THUNK explores how being mindful and considerate can make a big impact on your marketing strategy (it's certainly better than doing the opposite anyway).

We're also looking at inspiration from the silver screen, and how promoting inclusion can sometimes be a laughing matter.
  Mindful marketing  
  Have a look at how thoughtful marketing can make a big impact when you're empathetic and cognisant of the needs of your subscribers. Boilerplate holiday mail-outs are part and parcel of most email marketing strategies, but maybe it's time to put some more time into your email opt-outs instead.  
Michael recommends
  Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse by Nina Schick is a sobering read about technology in the wrong hands. ChatGPT and Midjourney may be shiny new toys but the Russians have been using AI to destabilise the West since the 1980s. And they're very very good at it.

Michael Hart, Creative Director, The Union
  Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse by Nina Schick  
  Our thunking  
  From scissors to flop: the Fosbury revolution
  The story of how the late Dick Fosbury invented the Fosbury Flop, a technique that revolutionised high jump in the 1968 Olympics. 
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  Laughing at excuses for exclusion
  "Ridiculous excuses" for lack of inclusion in advertising are debunked in a funny-but-not-funny campaign by Italian advocacy group CoorDown. 
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  Bot the gap
  A freelancer's "Gender Pay Gap Bot" calls out companies on Twitter for their gender pay gap data, using government data to promote accountability and encourage action. 
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  Learning from the silver screen
  What can advertisers take away from the Oscars? From relatable stories to iconic characters, it's time to trust your audience and tell them a great story. 
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