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    Abuse. Assault. Rape. Murder.

Words that we see and hear with increasing regularity. Words that depict a society where women and non-binary people still fear and face violence every single day.

In light of these words, and the lives behind them, the theme of this month's THUNK is around gender-based violence and the actions we must take against it.

  She was just...  
  Senior Account Manager, Dora, shares her thoughts on the gender-based violence epidemic, along with how we can reset and reconfigure for a safer future.  
Rachel recommends
  "We have on average 4,000 weeks of life, a pretty daunting statistic. With many of them over the last two years spent in less than perfect circumstances, this podcast made me think very differently about how I want to spend my time in 2022. A very apt New Year's recommendation that really puts time, and the pressure we put on ourselves, into perspective."

Rachel McMullan, Senior Account Manager
  'The joy of missing out: how to manage your time in 2022' on Today in Focus podcast  
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Creating resistance
  Creating resistance
  Why would anyone use clay pots to talk about sexual violence? Feminist artist, Claudia Clare, gives us some insight. 
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Into the future
  Into the future
  Reading about creative trends is so last year. Shutterstock takes us on an interactive trip through the world of creative content and its projections for 2022. Buckle up! 
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How to not be that guy
  How to not be 'that guy'
  The patriarchy screws men too – so what can we do? This article on the campaign mentioned in our thoughtpiece delves into the solution. 
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Winning at Wordle
  Winning at Wordle
  Word on the street is there's a strategy behind becoming a Wordle champ. All is revealed right here. 
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