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    Who's to say what's high art and what isn't? Here at The Union, we're open to it all. Snoop Dogg lyrics, TikTok dances, even pie charts can be considered art. That's why this month's THUNK is all about swooning over data and finding beauty in the fact that one Blockbuster store is still standing.    
  Show your data some love  
  20 years ago, Cupid's arrow headed straight for Daniel Batey, Managing Director of Union Data, sending him head over heels for analytics. And he's been hooked ever since. This month, he shares the love and explains why now's the perfect time for marketers to delve into their data and give it the attention it deserves.  
Emily recommends
  "I've never been a big fan of radio but I have found a perfect alternative: Chatabix, a daily comedy podcast. Join David Earl and Joe Wilkinson every weekday for an hour of nonsense featuring great guests, TV reviews and (maybe) too much chat about Deal or No Deal."

Emily Thomas, Account Executive, The Union
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  Our thunking  
  WFH-ers: who are they?
  Dig into home working trends, learn more about the type of people who work from home and why. And for goodness sake, put a shirt on. 
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  TikTok tackles TV
  The hashtag #SuperBowlLVII on TikTok got 225 million views, more than double the game's TV viewership. What does this mean for the future of TV ads? Something? Nothing? Find out. 
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  Blockbuster will survive the apocalypse
  One SuperBowl spot caused a stir – Blockbuster: Until The Bitter End. Set in a dystopian future, the ad follows a hardy cockroach as it travels to the last Blockbuster in the world. 
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  Don't let your specs get in the way
  Specsavers want you to know they don't just sell glasses – they sell contact lenses too. So they devised a Valentine's-themed campaign that shows how hard it is to smooch with your specs on. 
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