Be an Agent of Change with UNION

At UNION, change isn’t just a concept—it’s our core mission. As strategists, we architect the future for brands, influence societal narratives, and ignite transformations.

The opportunity:

We’re scouring the horizons for a Strategist or Senior Strategist, not just thinkers but doers and dreamers who believe in effecting meaningful change. At UNION, you’ll be part of an elite team committed to influencing the cultural zeitgeist for our clients and society. You will have the opportunity to work on everything from tourism to food security and influence change at a cultural level. We would love it if you had some experience in an advertising strategy role; be that brand, comms, or direct but if you learned your strategy skills in a research, in-house insight or media role and creative has always been your calling then it’s worth getting in touch.

Your role:

  • Employ a potent mix of strategic rigor and creative whimsy to turn the mundane into the extraordinary, driving brand narratives that foster change.
  • Initiate and lead research missions that yield actionable intelligence, catalyzing client success and societal advancement.
  • Measure effectiveness with data, to deliver campaigns that get better with every iteration.
  • Rally the creative troops with creative briefs that don’t just outline tasks but kindle the flames of inspiration and effectiveness.
  • Navigate the crossroads of brand evolution and digital revolution, leveraging insights to craft campaigns that resonate on a societal level.

The ideal change-maker:

  • A strategic thinker who finds clarity in chaos and inspiration in challenge.
  • A curious mind, keeping up with the forces reshaping our world.
  • An ability to balance analytical and empathy, transforming research into emotive advertising strategies.
  • A confident communicator, we want to hear what you have to say and so will our clients.
  • A proactive collaborator, thriving in the fast-paced flux of agency life.
  • Enjoying being in the office, we are flexible but we are looking for someone that can commit to being around their colleagues at least 2/3 days a week.


At UNION, diversity isn’t a box-checking exercise— we look to employ the best talent in the market; regardless of gender, orientation, class, culture or ethnicity. The ability to think differently is the lifeblood that fuels our ethos of change. If you can outperform, outthink, and outdo, we want you.

The obvious stuff:

  • Competitive compensation to match your role
  • Investing in your growth with training
  • Benefits from pensions to life cover
  • Ample holiday time, for you to recharge and reflect.
  • Opportunities for enlightenment through IPA CPD and UNION Academy initiatives.
  • Flexible working that bends to life’s rhythm.
Union team

Team Union – Scotland’s longest lasting independent creative agency. 85 people based in wonderful offices in Inverleith, Edinburgh.

Call to adventure:

Ready to be an Agent of Change? Get in touch and tell us why you’re the strategist we seek to, subject line: ‘UNION Strategy – Agent of Change’.

This is your summons to make meaningful change—one strategy at a time. Will you answer the call?