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The Scottish Government has reappointed The Union to handle its Organ Donation advertising. The Scottish Government has set a target to double the amount of registered organ donors in Scotland in the next five years. The Union has worked on the campaign for the last three years, producing the award-winning ”Kill Jill” campaign which secured an IPA Effectiveness Gold. Around 8,000 people in the UK will need a transplant of some sort in the near future. UK Transplant”s website documents the cost-saving to the NHS for a kidney transplant versus ongoing dialysis as £214k per patient. The cost saving from two kidney transplants (£428k) would outweigh the £335k spent to boost registrations. Roger Williams, Head of Marketing for the Scottish Government said, “This is a genuinely integrated campaign which must provide compelling motivation to break the barriers to registration and accelerate sign-up numbers. Every year, 1,000 people in the UK die while waiting for a transplant. This campaign”s measurement is transparent; by generating registrations it increases the potential to save lives, and in turn delivers a substantial cost-saving to the NHS.”