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    This month's THUNK focuses on our favourite C word.

Nope. Not cake. Although we do rather like cake.

It's creativity.

And it's particularly important to us, and the people and brands we work with right now.

As we all face change, crises and recession, read on to unpack why creativity is at the core of business stability and success, not the cherry on top.
  Creativity isn't an optional extra  
  Gus Chalmers, Managing Director of Union Direct, makes a case for creativity being a non-negotiable part of any business model.

Through the good, bad and challenging times, he shows us why we marketers must keep making a stand for investing in new and creative thinking.
Michael recommends
  "The Offer is a dramatic retelling of the making of The Godfather. It's a great lesson in how to protect a creative vision, the battles you can afford to lose to win the war, and how to deal with difficult clients, moguls, authorities, actors and the mafia."

Michael Hart, Creative Director, The Union
  The Offer  
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