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    Elon Musk. Balenciaga. The Teletubbies.

What do they all have in common? At one point in time, they all got cancelled.

That's right. We're going there. This month we're getting under the skin of cancel culture.

So let's get started, before anything else gets cancelled.
  Likability is dead  
  Where did cancel culture come from? Where is it going? Can people and brands avoid it or recover from it? These are the questions we have. Emily Thomas, Account Executive, draws on social media and popular culture to give us the answers.  
Anya recommends
  "When it comes to cancel culture, there is one Instagram account, Diet Prada, which has the power to cancel of thousands of Twitter followers. Rehash, a podcast which examines internet culture phenomenons, evaluates the power of this anonymous account, and whether it needs to be controlled."

Anya Wyllie, Digital Account Executive, Union Digital
  Diet Prada by Rehash on Apple Podcasts  
One starry starry night in Glasgow
  Constellations aligned for us and our clients at the Marketing Society Star Awards 2023, hosted in Glasgow this month. Our work and some of our top superstars were recognised in no less than 11 categories. A tribute to dazzling thinking and talent, and our stellar clients of course.  
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  Our thunking  
Photo of map
  The best and worst Xs
  Not the kind that you dated many moons ago. The brand collabs kind. Ranging from hot to flop, we're here for this run down of professional hook up ratings. 
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Photo of bionic arm
  Edinburgh crowned UK's most AI-ready city
  Oh Edinburgh. As if we could love you any more. Find out how Scotland's capital beat the Oxbridge tech hubs to cinch the most AI-ready city title, and what it could mean for AI near you. 
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Image of QR codes
  Ready for your QR code makeover?
  From colours to corners, with Bitly's new customisable QR codes you can now create visual links that look as good as your brand and give your content that extra something. 
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Photo of smashed money bank
  Giving what you've got
  This Aussie Children's Cancer Institute found a neat way to tie together giving and gratitude, while also offsetting younger folk tending to have less money to donate. 
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