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    Liar, liar, designer pants on fire.

Is that new armchair really an 'investment'?
Does that expensive gin really 'taste better'?
Do we honestly 'deserve' a fancy new pair of briefs because we 'work hard'?

The theme of this month's THUNK is lies and deception...or is it?
  Secrets and buys  
  Union Direct Account Executive, Grace Fenwick, sticks her nose into the fascinating world of behavioural science – exposing some of the lies consumers tell themselves, the research behind this behaviour, and the ways in which we, as marketers and advertisers, can use these insights to benefit our campaigns.  
Ali recommends
  "My recommendation for this month is the 'Nudge' podcast. Each little 20-minute gem of an episode is packed with well-researched insight that anyone with an interest in marketing psychology will thoroughly enjoy, plus lots of practical small tips and tricks to help you work and think a little better."

Ali Liddy, Associate Director, Union Connect
  Nudge podcast on Spotify  
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